Reagan called Africans monkeys

"[Reagan] said: “To see those… monkeys from those African countries - damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes.”

Hey, remember when Republicans weren’t a bunch of racists? Me neither.


1971, different times. I’m sure there were Democrats who said equally bad - if not much, much worse things about black Africans then.

Democrats wouldn’t be Democrating right if they didn’t expand their “racist” attacks from President Trump to all Republicans. It’s all they got.

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If Reagan had been talking to LBJ instead of Nixon I’d imagine the language would have been even more colourful.


Yes, there were some “colorful” Democrats in the 92nd Congress, too. W Virginia’s Robert Byrd, for example.

Reagan was still learning about DC in 1971. I imagine most politicians based in DC, D and R alike, knew better than to speak carelessly on the phone with Nixon. Rookie mistake by the Gipper.

“The news comes as the current occupant of the Oval Office, Donald Trump, is engulfed in controversy after making racist remarks about the city of Baltimore and a black congressman whose district partially covers the city. Trump – who frequently uses racist or racially charged language – [called Baltimore] a “rat and rodent-infested mess” and the “worst in the USA”.”

Fun reporting here.

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It’s just a coincidence that it came out now. Has nothing to do with trying to smear Trump as a racist because he used a version of “to infest.”

I certainly hope nobody thinks they’re related.

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Aren’t there WH tapes of LBJ’s prolific use of the N-word

One of my biggest complaints about mankind is that Internet wasn’t invented while LBJ was alive. At least we would have records of his…let’s say “problematic” quotes and current year “”“fact checkers”"" couldn’t dismiss them as:“Unverified, cHeCkMaTe!!!”

Well, I don’t have a contemporaneously-acquired memory of the event referenced immediately below (I was only four), but it’s certainly part of my memory:

AP, UP, “Ike Moves to Enforce Integration,” Eugene Register-Guard, September 24, 1957

The above event looks pretty anti-racist to me. :slight_smile:

Then there were the Fifth Circuit Four, three of whom were Republicans:

The above-referenced events involve words, but they’re mainly about acts. When it comes to words alone, however, I think phrasing is sometimes important. Here are some pretty good examples of phrasing, although these words did create somewhat of a stir:

–Jeff Zeleny, “Reid Apologizes for Remarks on Obama’s Color and ‘Dialect,’” New York Times, January 9, 2010

–Helen Kennedy, “Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy that Obama ‘would be getting us coffee’ a few years ago: ‘Game Change,’” New York Daily News, January 10, 2010

–Christopher Lydon, “Carter Defends All-White Areas,” New York Times, April 7, 1976

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It actually was invented around the end of LBJs second term, although of course Mark Zuckerberg wasn’t around to sprinkle fairy-dust on it.

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They’ll come up with an example or two of an also racist Democrats (like LBJ or the Clintons) but ignore the fact that racism defines the GOPs existence in modern day politics.

Two wrongs never made a right and neither do false equivalences.

Also notice that for the GOP racism is acceptable as a strategy but not for the Dems. Just the usual selective outrage, nothing new.

Well, I meant in the more public way we have now.
Digging into Lbj’s Twitter account archives would have been a gold mine of problematic quotes…
But at least we got internet just in time to discuss the rights of transgender men to have their balls shaved at women waxing saloons, which is nice

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I reckon J Edgar Hoover’s Instagram would have been worth a look, too.

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It’s the darnedest thing. I unearthed the actual story:

I don’t hear Reagan’s voice anywhere on either of the audio clips.

I smell fake news.

How is this racist language? He doesn’t mention anything about race.

I’ve been to Baltimore and it truly is a ****hole!

Considering that Democratic senator Robert Byrd was an actual card-carrying member of the KKK, that’s some pretty selective outrage you have going on there.

That’s a pretty selective and decontextualized reading of US history you have going on. I think you know this.

Just countering cherry-picking with more cherry-picking to point out the highly selective nature of @MikeN1’s outrage. It’s easy enough to find racists on either side of the aisle (although the Democrats are, of course, the historic party of racism), but apparently his special “racist glasses” only allow him to see racism of the Republican persuasion.

Well given that racism has defined the GOP since the 80s can you blame him? I doubt anyone in this chat room is old enough to remember when Republicans weren’t bout it but it

Okay, I found it. A snippet, no context.