Real DJs?

I’m wondering…

Which places have real DJs? I’m asking this because I was at Twins (basement right next to ChungHsiao b[/b] DunHwa b[/b]* MRT stop) and noticed that the DJ didn’t even have a pair of headphones. On closer inspection, I found that one of the cd “turntables” wasn’t even turned on. Judging from how none of the people there seemed to mind/notice, I’m guessing this is pretty prevalent.

Any comments?

*Go ahead and flame me for my romanization…this debate has reached the point of ridiculousness.

on the few occasions i’ve been there Room 18 has some real DJs. real DJs often follow the real money. of course cheeseballs also follow the real money, and i think Room 18 gets both.

they had some ugly hairy plump British DJ that played some proper booty-shaking business the other night, and he, Dom-T, was real.

i don’t know too much about this stuff though.

Good suggestion if’n you like hip-hop.

Read That magazine for house and electronica.

That nega

what kind of music are you into? if hiphop, you will want to check out 2F or B1,2F is the former @live and B1 is located near the Mormon church in JingShan b[/b] South Rd.

I thought 2F was closed? Along with TeXound, casualties of the anti-ecstasy crusade…

You might also want to try out Deep.

i made the mistake of going to carnegies by the far eastern hotelplex. they had a white guy spinning. come to think of it, they had a white guy working the door too.
how do you get a work permit to do job like that?