Real DVD Dual Layer RW (not the fake ones)

I am looking for genuine DVD Dual Layer RW discs. To date I have purchased about 15 different dics, of five different makes (Melody, RiData, Imation, Mitsubishi, and Verbatim), all of which claimed to be DVD +R Dual Layer RW discs. I purchased them from four different shops (including two different 3C branches).

None of them were. None of them were even recognised by my burning software and DVD burner (Benq 1640), as DVD Dual Layer RW discs.

Does anyone know where I can find some? I would put this in the ‘Where can I find’ forum, but I’m more likely to get answers here.

The new Guanghua Market Location has a bunch of CD / DVD vendors who might carry what you are looking for… I’ve never had any problems with any of the disc’s I bought from them… but I do buy only the best (Taiyo Yuden), which come individually packaged in its own case.

For what it’s worth… +R DL DVD’s seem to work best for that model. Perhaps you might look into updating the firmware? or contacting BenQ to check what they would recommend…

Is there such a thing as +RW double layer ? I know of +R DL and +RW (single layer)
Mine can rewrite single layered, and write double layered, but not both at the same time. … tnG=Search

sorry… i wasnt reading carefully >_<

You meant RW disc’s… hmmm… not sure.

Exactly. I find it odd that media is being sold here marked DL RW, when it isn’t.

Big Fluffy Matthew, I think you’re on to something.

So what does your burner say they are ? +R DL or +RW SL ? I do have some that are labled with a “RW” logo with a little “DVD+R” underneath, they are +R

I’ve never heard of re-writable double-layer blank DVD media. That you can erase and write on a second time. It was enough of a miracle that they let you write them once. They hold 8.5GB and are write once, and are +R, not -R AFAIK. And they are costly. Best price I’ve seen is $40 for 25, or $1.60 each. They are even more costly in Taiwan. After all, they make them here… go figure.

My burner always says they are +R DL.

Same here. And they have that RW on both the cover and the disc. Precisely why, when it means nothing of the kind, I have no idea.

rw dual layer dvd will eventually see the light but atm they are not availale for retail. all verbatim DL i bought are clearly referred as +R.

Not that I am all that interested in getting in on this DL RW stuff… but it bugs the shit out of me to think that the equipment is availble but not the media? I wonder how many people out there actually went out and dropped cash on a “DL RW Burner,” for DL RW-ing, only to find out later that the media isn’t even availble yet… and it’s not like DL RW came out yesterday either. :loco:

The first DVD-RW DL was just introduced by JVC on the CeBit. Here is a link in German, but they have an english spec photo on there too.

It is only 2x. According to the article, specifications aren’t finalized yet by the DVD-Forum, so be patient.

OK. Right now, there are no dual layer RW’s Heck, I had my Dual layer burnner for several months before I could find an affordable DVD.

But I think the source of the confusion is this: Many brands of DVD’s have a black logo in a frame that says RW. For instance, my imation DVD+4 says “DVD+R 4X” on the side but on the bottom is a logo that says “RW” but under that it says DVD+R.

Other manufacturers have the same logo. Is it some sort of media certification or “insert color” book standard?

Yes, it’s the DVD+RW alliance’s logo:

“The DVD Forum created the official DVD-ROM/R/RW/RAM standards and the [[DVD+RW Alliance]] created the DVD+R/RW standards. Since DVD+R/RW discs are not technically DVDs as per the DVD Forum standards, they are not allowed to display the DVD logo. Instead, they display an “RW” logo, even if it is not rewritable, which some consider to be deceptive advertising.”