Real Estate Agent as a foreigner in Taiwan

Hello my name is Arlo
I plan to move to Taiwan in near-future and my dream is to become a real estate agent,
what should I do to make it happen

You have open work right, or will have one soon?

Real estate agent seems to be one of those jobs where they hire almost anyone and they only get paid by commission. Extremely competitive. I’m not sure if there’s a real estate license here.

No I am just asking what is the first step toward becoming real estate agent in Taiwan like where should I begin please

If you don’t have citizenship or APRC, you can forget about it.

Skillwise, you should be fluent in Mandarin and familiar with Chinese idioms, etiquette and culture.
You’ll need to learn how to master 關係.

You’ll need to pass the realtor’s license exam which will only be in Chinese.

And then you’ll need to find a company that will hire foreigners.


Wait there are English-speaking company plus isn’t work visa an option plus there are Schools technically made for foreigners English-speakers even courses

If you already know, then why do you ask? Source? Please share your links.

No I just asked someone to guide me , I need help a little bit :frowning:

There are much easier ways to make money in Taiwan.

If you want to do the foreigner-real estate agent thing try Thailand.


Hey Lama, I think keoni’s answer is the truth. From what I’ve seen of Taiwan real estate agents, it’s a commission-only sales job. Which means it’s not really a job, you have to meet and develop your own clients and convince them to sign up to pay you a commission.

That’s a difficult thing to do if you don’t know anybody, aren’t fluent and literate in the language, aren’t part of the culture, and don’t have good knowledge of the local real estate market.

I don’t know of any work visa to sell real estate in Taiwan. Have you heard of such a thing?

I’m not making fun of you. I actually had the same thought: I’d like to sell real estate in Taiwan. But it seems like a very competitive business and if you’re not a local it would be difficult to get your foot in the door or even get a single client, due to cultural and language differences. And you probably need unrestricted work rights through marriage or permanent residency or citizenship.

Your first step should be to understand Taiwan’s immigration system and work permit.

Qualified real estate agency can get a work permit. You should check the qualification here.

As for visa and residency

How to get a real estate broker certificate

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Yeah seems hard we’ll again thank you so much after all to live in Taiwan doesn’t mean you have to be real estate there are a lot of more options.

I got a in law who is a RE agent in Taiwan and is working on being one in the US. The difference is he got a green card in the US. Likewise you aren’t getting a H1B/L1 as a RE agent in the US either.

You can first move to Taiwan, get a regular job that gives you ARC, and in couple of years switch to APRC, then you can work any place that you wanted, and meanwhile, improve your Chinese and learn about the real estate law, I’m pretty sure they will hire you once you are qualified.

Yes, you need a license and the base salary is terrible. You can’t just sit at a desk, you need to move around, on scooter, on foot or car, to find properties, and/or have a good network of friends and family.