Real Estate Agent who speaks English?

Can someone recommend please several real estate agents
who I can converse with in English, regarding my need for
housing in May. If someone can provide some telephone
numbers or email addresses of some realtors I would greatly
appreciate it. Thankyou, Rick

Not sure if you’re local or not, but I’ve noticed a billboard on the east side of the MRT track around the Shipai or Zhishan stations (Tien Mu area) for ERA Realty that shows a couple of big noses on the “team”. Sorry, don’t have the number.

thankyou, I wish I had time to peruse the train stations but I’m afraid I don’t, I’m thousands of miles away right now, and will be arriving in May, I’m hoping I’ll be prepared before arriving. Thankyou, ric

You can check out this website: … lator.html then change the languages at the bottom: Traditional Chinese to English. It works quite well.

Here’s another housing agent:

Good Luck!


Here are a couple more:

eHome (Chinese)

Most of the places specifically serving foreigners are pretty expensive.

If Jason Tang is still at New Asia Realty, he would be what you are looking for…

The ERA Realty office that I mentioned in my post above seems to have two offices in Tianmu and one in Shipai. One phone number for a Tienmu location is (02) 2875-3328. In case you don’t know, I mention Tienmu because of its high concentration of foreigners and thus more English-speaking business people. Be prepared for high costs as well. However, it might be an initial source of info for you.

ERA here has a website, though it is all in Chinese:

We used this lady
Michelle 0915-569339

Her assistant also speaks English.

Wow, Thankyou all very much for helping, you people
are incredible. I now have some leads for an apartment.
if there is anything else I need to know or other agents
in the Taichung or Ching Shui area, please let me know.
Unfortunately I don’t speak chinese, thanks again, ric

Reviving an old thread. Has anyone had recent experience with an agent they can recommend (for purchasing property)?