REALLY? Are USB keychains any good?

I saw some cheapo cheapo USB drive keychains in Kangua market… about NT$2000.

  1. Are they any good? Or will they break after a little rough handling? White water rafting, maybe??? :smiling_imp:
  2. Are they faster or slower than normal hard disks (7200rpm)?
  3. What’s the best brand?
    Sorry too many questions!

I thought USB key chains were supposed to be dirt cheap. Don’t they get given away as freebies sometimes? 2000 sounds like a lot to me.

The one I got was a USB drive “keychain” and an mp3 player as well (combo player). There’s no warranty available. It only lasted 4 months, and then it didn’t work any more. It was worth $3000 NT for the tunes… maybe. But I didn’t expect it to break so soon.

I would actually prefer a USB Card reader and SD Card to a USB keychain. That way, the SD Card can be used in various other devices, and you can change the SD Card when it is full. Some of the SD Card readers are small enough that they aren’t much bigger than the USB keychains. SD Cards also goto 512MB capacity. The largest USB keychain I’ve seen is a 256MB.

I agree absolutely with Ben – it’s just much more practical. Moreover, if you put in a little fore thought, you could get a format that’s compatible with your digital camera, eh? Of, maybe make both purchases at one time?

A company I did a contract job for actually gave me a handful of USB key drives on completion – I gave all but one away and actually only used that unit (64MB) two or three times (it’s now a long-term resident of my change dish).

Also, you might consider a 2.5-inch HDD in a portable enclosure – it’s a much, much better value. And, it will provide better performance and vastly greater capacity for roughly twice or perhaps thrice the price. offers a very sharp looking 2.5-inch enclosure and they’re readily available at the shops down at Guanghua…

They have them up to 2gb in size now. While a card reader can be more flexible, it will be a bit larger.

They sound pretty useful to me.

Apparently the 4 in ones have the main function of being a convenient way to carry data, and an MP3 player, digital voice recorder, and FM radio. I think I might get one. Apprently the models that don’t need software installed on your computer are better becuase then you could copy something off your friend’s computer or whatever more easily.


I quite like the apacer models


I use mine a lot to transfer files between my desktop and laptop. Or in some cases, to carry patches/antivirus programs around with me when helping out friends. Sure beats re-burning a CD everytime.

It’s a pretty good floppy/zip/CD replacement. But don’t try to create uses for it if you don’t already do stuff like that.

[quote=“KenTaiwan98”]I quite like the apacer models
You have to select ‘Ingwen’ in Chinese characters to get to the English version, so here’s the link, for those whose Chinese is even worse than mine; … /index.asp