Really want to get a dog, but need advice

I’ve been living in Taiwan for 3 years and love it. The only thing I miss is having a dog. I come from a family where we’ve always had dogs and I’ve been wanting to get one from the moment I got here, but always felt that it would be cruel to keep one in a tiny apartment and working the hours I did. I’ve just moved into a bigger apartment (2 bedrooms) with a huge balcony and are seriously thinking of getting a dog again. I really need advice from you guys.

  1. Where do I go to get a healthy dog?
  2. What dogs are best suited for living in an apartment and Taiwan?
  3. I’m really worried about my dog barking too much and disturbing the
    neighbors. I heard they de-bark dogs here, but no-way am I doing

I would really like your input as I don’t have any experience of having a dog in Taiwan.


I recommend saving a life of an abandoned dog. Go to some out of the way parkland with large numbers of strays and take your pick. I found a pup in reasonably good health with a really gentle personality. The main things I had to do were have some ticks removed from her and have the usual vet shots etc. My dog barks a bit, but thankfully not too much, especially at night. I’ve always been very stern with her about noise, so it hasn’t been a big issue. Dogs will learn and adapt. Expect some growing pains, though.

Dear Smirnoff

Have you seen this website

We have several dogs (and cats) available for adoption. Unfortunately we have not been able to upload all of the pics on our website.

I would like to tell you about 2 specific dogs that we have. I have been fostering 2 dogs (temporarily living with Stray Dog now until we can find them a good home) called Mr and Mrs for a couple of days. They are older dogs with endearing personalities. We have named them Mr and Mrs because they are inseparable and they tend to behave like an old married couple. I can continue to tell you much more about these 2 dogs if you would be interested in adopting them. They are small dogs.

These dogs have adapted very well to living inside an apartment. While living with me, they stayed on the balcony and they were pretty well behaved. They really did not pose a problem with barking.

I would really like to see these two dogs go to the right person. Sounds like you can be a good match.

Having too ensures they won’t be too bored or lonely when you’re not there. :wink:

the animal shelter in neihu is where you should go.

There are a hundred or more dogs there waiting to be saved. If a dog is picked up and not adopted within seven days, they are killed.

There are so many dogs to choose from, and you can take them out of the cage and try em out if you want. If everyone else is barking, and a dog is just wagging its tail and being friendly, it’s likely that dog will not be too vocal.

Chances are, you will be able to find a dog that is already socialized and trained there, but was abandoned or lost by the owner. It will save you the trouble and frustration of training a puppy.

They’re all beautiful and deserve to be loved. Please give them another chance.

Beautiful mostly-obedient 6-month old pup free to good home here.

She’s in good health now and generally well-behaved. She still needs a bit of work but mostly what she needs is a fresh start with ssomeone who still has a bit of patience for dealing with her remaining problems. She would be less of a challenge than a fresh stray, as I (and others) have done the bulk of the remedial work.

If you can pass the animalstaiwan interview process you (or anyone else) can try her out for a few days with no commitment. But if you decide to keep her you have to promise that it’s for ever. She’s a good dog and deserves a good permanent home - a better one than I can provide.

A big thanks to all of you for the info! I know now where to get my dog and have spoken to people on the forum that will help. Im really excited and had no idea so many of you had dogs and your advice has helped a lot. I’ll let you know when I get mine and are happy to know that I’ve found a place to come for help :laughing:

We will get a dog on our return to Taiwan, but have two adult cats… Now the cats are pretty used to other animals and tend to just do their own thing and keep clear… But would it be safe to say that adopting an adult dog may not necessarily be safe for the cats. I understand that certain breeds are not consider safe with smaller pets. Also, if a dog is raised as a puppy with cats then it hould be fine…

I would hate to adopt a dog and then come home to find that bith have my wife’s adoring ats have come to an ignominious demise…



There are now five puppies about to be taken away from their temporary home by the authorities, and of course they’ll be killed. :astonished: :frowning: If you’re still interested in getting a dog, please, please :help: contact Stray Dog now, or come by the AnimalsTaiwan Asiaworld event tomorrow between 1 and 5 pm (see events thread) to meet them. If you were ever considering adopting, now the need for homes is more urgent than ever! Please help save a puppy’s life and adopt now!!!

sorry but we won’t be back in Taiwan for another 1.5 months…


Shiba Inus are great for small apartments…they’re referred to as cats in a dog’s body…they’re very self-sufficient…if anyone knows where i could find one, please let me know!! my wife is crazy about them!!