Realtor's Status?

So what is the status of the realtors in all the realty stores in Taipei and Taiwan? Seems there is one on every corner with a few employees always inside doing something like staring at the wall or having a cigerette or laughing or watching TV but rarely actually talking to a customer…

What is the status in Taiwan? And how much do they make on average?

My roommate has a sign outside for a realtor. She is selling the house. About 3 nights ago another realtor came over at about midnight to try to get her to let him be her realtor. Not only did he show up almost midnight, but even after I told him he could not come in he came in and walked around. And then about 15 minutes later he came back. I didn’t want to answer the door because I thought he was a freak and he rang the doorbell for almost 20 minutes.

Moral to the story. The realtors here are desperate.