Reappearance of SARS?

Just to add some fuel to your rant, they’re maybe not ALL old fools. According to the Chinese press, the moron’s father, who lives with him, had to threaten to kill himself before his son would agree to see a doctor, “because he wanted to die at home.” What a complete and utter wanker. Bullshit because he wanted to die at home – he probably knew perfectly well that he’d get his nads chopped off when what he did came out.
He had some kind of teleconference photo op for Ma Ying-jeou today in which he “thanked all the people for their concern.” WTF? I’m surprised there isn’t a lynch mob outside the hospital.

I guess nobody saw the statement from the WHO a couple days ago saying that the situation was contained and there was no risk of infection in either Taiwan or Singapore. They even commended the Taiwanese authorities on how quickly they responded to this incident (I should hope so, after how much they fuc*ed up last time). Take your masks off, nothing’s gonna happen … and don’t, under any circumstances, pay any attention to formosa.

There’s a new suspected case in China, a television news photographer. The blood tests were inconclusive but they are running the genetic tests as well - it’s all over the television news right now. Taiwan will announce officially that it is SARS-free around the 31st but all the quarantined folks have served their time.

Yeah, I saw that too on CNN … apparently it’s somewhere in Guangdong Province (be careful, Jive Turkey!) … but if the government in Beiping is admitting to one case, I wonder how many there really are … :unamused:

Hello, Kitty

Hello Kitty, indeed! But what I don’t unnderstand is why does CHINA wait until now to start killing these civets? They should have been doing it all summer. Why do they wait for the SARS thing to come back before they take action? This is really the end of the world! I give up!

Yeah kill the cat… burn em at the stake… obviously they are spreading SARS

We should do that with badgers too cause they have TB.

but wait a minute we don’t put them in cages with more badgers, mince them up with our bare hands that we are also smoking with, and eat them.

The reason they are doing it now has to do with being reactive and not proactive.

They will kill gods knows how many, then declare the Civet exorcized of SARS, start eating it again and we will have SARS the third installment :unamused: