Rear rack problem

The problem is that I can’t find one. I own a Giant commuter bike with a cheap rack, and have been to 3 Giant shops, and one other higher end shop in two different cities. Three have only had seat post mounted racks. One of those said the newer model of my one year old bike has a stronger rack, but they can’t order just the rack.
The Giant shop closest to me, on Xiao Dong Rd in Tainan, I honestly believe doesn’t want to do business with foreigners. They have several after market racks in stock, but was told quickly that they have nothing to fit my bike because my bike doesn’t have holes to mount it (brazeons). BS! :fume: The lady then quickly turned and walked away to watch TV.
I want a stronger rack to mount panniers and hauling groceries.
Any sugestions? In the mean time I’ll hit every bike shop I can find.

Bike shop people here are weird. Had similar experiences with bike stuff, too.
Check out Metro Oasis. Last time I was there they had a nice selection.

Good luck!


電話: 02-2564-3702

城市綠洲-中和店 (中和市)

電話: 02-8245-7400

Can you show us a picture of it?

This is what I have:

This model is one year newer with a slightly stronger rack:

This is the type I’m looking for (doesn’t have to be Topeak brand):

Going to check another shop after work today (Monday). Wish me luck.

I know they have racks at Alan’s Bike shop in Taipei. They’ll no doubt send you one in the post if all else fails.

I also appreciate a good rack. I noticed that the Louis Garneau shop on Chong Shan Rd had one similar to the one you want. I got my bike from this shop about a year ago, so their stock might have changed now.
The shop is after Linsen Rd and before Chong Xue Rd. Not too far out of your way, so worth a try. I don’t think they open before mid day.

Went by there. They knew what I wanted, but didn’t have any in stock. Thanks for the map, BTW. Then I went to the big Giant shop a little farther south on Zhong Shan East Rd. They had a couple of different models and I got one there. The guy was very helpful and said if I have any problems with it to bring it back. He even pulled out a bike like mine and showed me that it would fit. :thumbsup: