Reasonable Gym in Hsinchu

Dos anyone know of a reasonably-priced gym in Hsinchu (near the city area, not the science park)? I know a new Alexander has opened at Windance shopping centre, and I have enquired about it, but their prices are laughable (something like NT$32000 for one year if I remember correctly, and NT$52000 for 2 years, but they throw in a 3rd year “for free”).

My last gym contract in TPE (at Alexander, for use at all branches) cost me NT$32000 for 2 years, so I’m really not wiling to fork out what they’re asking.

I’m basically just looking for a treadmill and a few weight machines, anyway. Nothing fancy. Any ideas?

You could check out the Green Health Club situated in the basement of the old Grace Hotel. Telephone number: 03 - 531 8089. Sorry mate, I don’t have an address!! Anyway, I think the montly memberships are around NT$ 1500 with annual memberships at between NT$10 000 - 15 000. Why that big a range? It depends on your ability to negotiate I was told. I went once to have a look and it’s got what you need. Unfortunately it’s too far out of my way… I live in the Science Park… otherwise I would have joined.

Holland Village has a Gym , got a tread mill wieghts etc…not great but OK. NT$1000 for 30 sessions…probably the cheapest you are going to get