Reasons for NWOHR getting TARC

It actually says “live”, not “stay”. And the entry permit actually only allows you to stay for 90 days.

Maybe this specific law doesn’t distinguish between staying and living.

You can extend the entry permit for another 3 months. I already did with mine. The process is very easy and quick. You only need the application form, TW passport and NT300 fee.

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AF385 uses both the terms 停留 and 居住.
停留 for 7 years or above (七年以上) and 居住 for 183 days or above (一八三日以上).
So I guess in a year where you 停留’d, you are deemed to have 居住’d if you were in Taiwan for at least 183 days. Which would be related to why the tax rate and NHI eligibility changes for foreigners once they’ve stayed for 183 days.

So, the answer is, enter Taiwan on the NWOHR passport with 臨人字號許可, extend the stay by 3 months (these two steps @eatdrinktravellife has already done), stay for 6 months, exit Taiwan, get a new 臨人字號許可, reenter Taiwan, rinse and repeat for 7 years making sure the days in Taiwan in each year add up to at least 183 and collect your TARC. Then, stay in Taiwan for 1 year and finally make your hukou and collect your ID.

A long, inconvenient and excruciating process indeed but it’s an option that exists to get Taiwan citizenship for those that fall short of the other options but have the means, grit and determination to get through this. And I believe there are people who have done it.

It might be possible to get a new 臨人字號許可 from NIA, bypassing the need to go to a TECO. It would reduce some of the expense and inconvenience, worth looking into.

@eatdrinktravellife keep us posted about your case. Even if you end up leaving Taiwan, at least get a second 臨人字號許可 and confirm with NIA whether there is no limit to how many you can get.

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What does this mean in english? Entry permit? You will need one when it expires

Yeah, very exhausting process leaving and entering TW. And it´s 3 years after getting TARC to apply for TW citizenship.

My quickest option will be getting a work permit, but hispanic people don´t have many job offers to apply. As english teacher there are a bunch.

臨人字號許可 or in full 在臺灣地區無戶籍國民短期停留臨人字號許可 (Temporary stay permit for nationals without household registration in Taiwan) is what NWOHRs apply for at their TECO to get a 入國許可 (Entry Permit) or full name 中華民國台灣地區入國許可證. It’s the sticker you’ve got in your NWOHR passport that looks like this:

You can download the necessary form in doc odt or pdf format for applying for the entry permit from停留/30126/
Under Permit Types, tick box 4. 臨人字號入國許可 “Lin-Jen” Entry Permit

@eatdrinktravellife, have you given any more thought to enrolling in university or vocational school to get your TARC as per AF369/AF368/AF360?

By the way, I thought of something that is related to your discussion over in the How to get Permanent Residence as a NWOHR passport holder? thread. Enrolling in Mandarin classes is not an instant 1 year pathway to getting your TARC and then citizenship. But, it does say on the WDA (Work Development Agency) website EZ Work Taiwan-Foreign Students Enrolled in Taiwanese College of University Taking Part-time Jobs that if you enroll in language courses for 1 year or more, you can work part-time. It’s maximum 20 hours a week. At least this way you can be earning an income in Taiwan and improve your Chinese while working your way towards the 7 year requirement. It might even mean you don’t need to leave and come back during the period that you are enrolled? Not sure, worth looking into.

What involves the reason AF369/AF368/AF360 exactly? Can you translate?

What involves the reason AF369/AF368/AF360 exactly? I don´t understand mandarin.

I use DeepL, DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator
Just copy and paste.




Can someone translate?

Have been approved by the central government to come to Taiwan to study The applicant has applied for residency in Taiwan after graduation and returned to After graduation, the applicant shall return to the place of residence to serve for two years or more.

Students who have been approved by the central government to return to home country to study Overseas Chinese students.

Students who have been approved by the central government to return to home country for vocational and technical training.

I believe all these reasons imply to return to home country.

This is where machine translation falls short.
It’s translating 回國 as return to home country.
回 means to go back or return to.
Pretty sure in this context 回國 means to return to 中華民國. Ie you obtain a TARC on the basis of returning to the country of your lineage to study/undergo vocational/technical training.
The sticking point is you need to be approved by the central government, which begs the question, how do you apply?

If TARC is given, then it´s proved by the government, isn´t?

It sounds like to me you need pre-approval from the government ahead of applying for a TARC under one of those categories but it could be as simple as applying at the same office that issues TARCs. Can you go in with a Chinese-speaking friend/relative and find out?

Why 7 years? To apply TARC?

Yes per AF385

But enrolling in mandarin classes is not a reason to apply TARC? AF368, AF369?

Doubt it. Only degrees and vocational courses.

I know a lot of international students at NSYSU in Kaohsiung who are enrolled in Mandarin classes at the university, but did so only for the visa, and are not actually taking their classes seriously. You could maybe look into that.

It shouldn’t be difficult to enroll in “degree” Mandarin classes.

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The college doesn´t give you a diploma or degree after completion of the course. Just a score table.