Reball/Reflow a PS3

So it seems I need to either reflow or reball my PS3. The GPU seems to be acting up and the most likely culprit is cracking solder thanks to Sony’s use of lead-free solder.

Does anyone know what reball and reflow are in Chinese? I tried looking around the Interwebs, but couldn’t find it.

reflow = 迴流焊
reball = 除錫植球, 重植錫球 or simply 植錫球

Generally speaking the company who provides reballing service will do reflow soldering together.

but it ain’t going to be cheap.

You’d be better off just buying a new PS3.

Thanks guys. My computer guy assures me he can at least reflow the system, so I guess I’ll give it a shot.

Depending on the cost to do the reflow, you could also replicate this for free with a blow dryer directly onto the GPU. There’s a few how-tos out there on this “ghetto style” method, but it has been successful for people.