Receding hairline has a connection with

Got a haircut today. My woman asked the guy cutting my hair if there’s anything I can do about my receding hairline. His reply: “Receding hairline has a connection with tired eyes.”

Is this true?


how would you know?

No. It’s male pattern baldness is genetic and quite well understood. I’ll have a snoop around for the detalis.

I heard its a sign of a high libido (and small weiner) :slight_smile:

It has a connection with having less hair.

My theory is the hair doesn’t fall out, instead it starts growing inwards and then pops out on other parts of your body. Clear proof that God must be a woman.

When I studied genetics a couple of years ago, my textbook referred to one gene on the X chromosome. More recent studies are implicating more genes. A clear understanding still awaits us, however, the maternal line seems to be quite important.

Is your mother’s father bald? If so, your chances of keeping your hair are not so good.

Eh? :laughing: