Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


$200 NT :yay:


Argh, I have 5 numbers (NT4000) on the 11-12 draw but it's too late to claim.

Did win 2x 200 for 1-2 and 1x 200 for 3-4.


Once again, nada. I've been collecting these stupid receipts for close to 3 years, and all I've ever won is 400NT.


I find it most annoying when I match the last three numbers of the Grand prize number, but not any of the regular prizes. :fume:


I won $200 a year and a half ago which prompted me to start collecting them.

I haven't won since.

Let this be a lesson, kids. Drinking does pay!


I just finally got around to checking my numbers.
The gods were not smiling on me this month. :raspberry:


I toss mine into those charity boxes. I hate having them clutter up my apartment for two months, only to forget to look at the numbers, then repeat the process.


Grand prize 5 0 5 5 3 6 7 3

2nd tier 27720421、50551290、54626587


I've been keeping the damn things for 4 months now. I have an intricate filing system. I didn't win a goddamn thing. It's enough to drive a man to drink. When I play the lottery, I expect to win, damnit.


iv won 4000 once (had to pay tax on it) and 200nt many many many times.


[quote="Rascal"]Argh, I have 5 numbers (NT4000) on the 11-12 draw but it's too late to claim.

How long are the receipts valid for? When is iot too late to claim?


Wtf? How does this work? I am intrigued :slight_smile:


Read here.
I hope I don't get banned for linking this. :blush:


We won 1,200 NT$ in the August draw ... :slight_smile:


Thanks Josefus

I won $400NT from a disabled gent selling scratch-off lottery tickets. My friend said that the government pay them to sell these tickets. Any truth in that?


Take this month for example. You check receipts in July and August. You can claim money for this draw within three months from the 10th of this month on.


I used to collect and check the number diligently, and used to win something almost every time, back when there were twice as many winning numbers. Best ever prize: NT$4,000 (NT$3,184 after tax and stamp duty).

But it doesn't seem worth it...


Yeah, the government cut down the winning numbers at a point of the time and ever since then but hey, you get receipts for free~ Why not give it a try? Besides, there will be two more numbers for NT$200 in the last two draws (Nov. 25th for Sep-Oct & Jan 25th for Nov-Dec) every year (Should be every year. At least, it's been like this these two years. :wink:)


Finally got around to checking my 7/8 numbers.