Receipt and Taiwan Lottery


The dates are according to the Taiwanese (Lunar?) calendar, which is 11 years behind the Western Calendar …so 97年 means 97+11 = 2008.

I won a 1000 bucks with the numbers ending with “7514” :laughing: Got it cashed already at the local post office!!! :smiley:


anyone have the most recent numbers handy?



thanks mate
much appreciated


[quote=“wudjamahuh”]thanks mate
much appreciated[/quote]

no problem. just give me 3NT of any winnings. :wink:


actually, you can keep your 3NT. I won 1200 on the receipt lottery yesterday. Woohoo!


i won a new personal record of 400!


I won 1000NTD. :laughing:


Anyone know the 3/08-4/08 lottery numbers? I can’t find them on the homepage.


Anyone? These numbers should have been published late May.

#131 … Node=11300


Well, I certainly didn’t find that place earlier. Thanks a lot! :notworthy:


New ones released today:


Thank you, Arion.


Anyone else having problems loading that website? Doesn’t seem to be working for me. Is there anywhere else to check the numbers?


works for me


It doesn’t work for me either in FF or IE.

Try the Chinese here:

or here:


Or here:


NT$2 million for matching all the digits from the above grand prize winning number.

First Prize



NT$200,000 for matching all the digits from any of the above first prize winning numbers.


As noted the link worked for me in Firefox 3.0.1.
Up to NT$400 in winnings so far…wo hoo!
(I’m easily thrilled)

About 1/2 thru the receipt box.


Didn’t win anything this time round. Darn!