Received a job offer for a school in Hsinchu County. What's the area like?

Hi all,

I just received a job offer to work at Kangning English School, located in Hsinchu County, specifically the Erchong branch. Does anyone have any experience with the local area in Hsinchu? What’s there to do, are there many other foreigners living there, etc. I’d be living in Hsinchu City.

Good one.


I think you need to see for yourself. It’s not for everyone. I could not live there, I would hate it. It’s not the worst place in the world, but you might be used to it.

welcome here, newb.
you’ll see everything for yourself once you get there.
can do one year there and then skedaddle elsewhere for the city life.
it’s not that bad. people will know you as “the town foreigner”, which is not as bad as it reads

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