Received the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship for 6 months

Hi, I just got notified I received HES! I applied for 6 months to NTU CLD and I’ll be in Taiwan spring-summer 2024—takeoff a quarter off my university to study abroad. Wondering if anyone else received their decision from TECO because I want to make a group chat! My acceptance is from the San Francisco TECO and I’m Seattle based!



Hey Nancy! I have been awarded 9 months from TECO-NY. I am based in PA. I will be attending the MTC at NTNU this fall. I have emailed my office about questions regarding how to get a visa. I hope they respond soon.

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I plan to email about my visa as well but I’m a bit less rushed because mine is next year. Let’s connect on a different platform? Since our dates overlap, let’s meet up in Taiwan and share experiences?

I’m not too familiar with Formosa—not sure if there’s a private messaging feature. My email is and my instagram is ncncyle.

Okay, I will follow you on Instagram. We can talk there.

Hey did you end up making the group chat? I’d like to be invited

We did not make a group chat yet. I think Nancy will make one once there are more people who received the scholarship. We can talk in the meantime though. My IG is mynameprib.