Receiving a massage from China Telecom

A friend of mine sent me this email today.

[quote]Receiving a massage from China telecom
Hn88043881 - hinet Please download the software from
for anti-virus service (2 years free)[/quote]

Anyone else know about this? I was concerned at first that my friend might be accidentally forwarding a scam, but the site itself is genuine (no one could reproduce the unique style of Taiwanese corporate Websites). However, we only have a 2MB connection, so the offer doesn’t actually seem to apply to us. Having said which, is there any significant advantage to be gained in moving from 2MB to 8MB?

The only China Telecom staff I’ve ever seen were very dark-brown, sweaty men in yellow hard hats and blue boilersuits.
I like a massage as much as the next fellow, but I have certain standards I impose on the person rubbing me down.

Reminds me of this pic.

Yep, put on silent and vibration …

I knew Forumosa wouldn’t disappoint.

You could get AVG instead, at least it would be in English.

I imagined these two little arms stretching out from your phone and rubbing your shoulders…no thanks.