Receiving Mail if no doorman

Hello! I’m new to Taipei, currently on the apartment search (let me know if you have anything in Shilin) and I’m wondering what people do if they do not have a doorman or security guard to receive packages? It seems the apartments without one are significantly cheaper. I unfortunately can only receive small letters/postcards at work, and I’m worried if I order something from Amazon for example, I won’t be home to receive the package.


the postman will leave a card in your mailbox stating where (which postal branch) to pick it up.
just bring ID

welcome to the club, @longcon

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OH really, it’s that simple? They won’t just send it back? Unless of course I don’t pick it up.

Just to add to this, I’ve ordered stuff from Amazon UK&US and they have quite a good system where they speak to you but when they realise you can’t speak Chinese they send you a delivery text in both Mandarin and American English “You wanna get your package…” and the redelivery driver for me every (3) time has had at least enough English to be able to guide him to a random block of flats behind where SatNav says he’s going (disclaimer - Im ex-Amazon, but so far it feels to me that the delivery companies are aware and have efficient funnels)

I receive packages from Amazon via SF Courier, the call me in advance to arrange pickup (it’s not a special service…i pick the cheapest shipping option).
Different online stores operate in different ways though, for B&H I get stuff via regular mail and I have to go to the post office to pick it up after attempted delivery.

You get some time. And you can even call to have it redelivered most times. Taiwan’s mailing system is actually top notch.

Problems are responsibly solved.


just don’t try to bring in vapor products :wink:

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Taiwans internal mailing is top notch - try sending a postcard to granny in Ireland and its like applying for a green card :wink:

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A letter from Taipei to Nantou - 3 weeks :snail: :+1:

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which mountain hiking path did the postman find you camped on? :wink:

The lower stamp is when it arrived at the local post office. I got it the next day.
Nobody knew what happened. We filed a complaint with the post office.

This delay cost us 2k TWD as we had to redo documents and get them authenticated once again for our trip to Europe. We assumed the letter was lost after 2 weeks.

Can I buy this envelope off you pls?
Not joking

he’ll mail it to you, but it could take another 30 days.


I will see if I still have it. Probably.

I wasn’t able to find it right away. I will keep it in mind if I come across it in the future.