Recent Darkroom information?

Is anyone aware of a public darkroom in the Taipei area where you can make B&W prints. If so, do you know how much they charge to use??

Also I have a couple of rolls of 400TMAX B&W film. It’s basic film but I was looking for a store which has a good rep for developing. Do you know of one?


Zone 5, which can be found from the intersection of Foo Shing and Baa Dur by walking west along Patch until the next set of traffic lights (there is a 7-11 or similar), turning left, and walking down the road a bit, but not as far as the next intersection. It is on the left (east side) and has a blue sign.

Alternatively, from the same intersection of Fu Hsing and Bade, walk east for 5 mins, but not as far as the hospingtall. There will be a 7-11 or summat at the traffic lights, opposite which is Jazz.

I’m told Zone 5 does better B&W prints. How much? How long is a piece of string? I’d leave my B&W fim with Zone 5. Jazz are fine too, they have done nice B&W developing for me in the past, and with trickier film than T-MAX.

If you’re looking to rent a dark room then there are a few love hotels I can heartily recommend.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out Zone 5 this week. What i was really looking for was a darkroom i can use to enlarge prints. Usually they charge by the hour, day or month to use the facitliy. I used to just get film developed and do the prints myself. Can i do this somewhere in Taipei?