Recent internet ripoffs

In another thread I said that if a software program or service is offered for free, I want to know why. Take, for example. Have you received e-mails apparently from your friends inviting you to join this service. Why would a business want to let you send SMS messages for free? Could it be that they want to harvest mobile phone numbers and e-mail accounts and spam them? I seems that is just what they do - and then charge you for it. Check out this forum


Spam free? Spam ridden, more like!

Another one that has come up recently is Smiley Central. The program butted in on an instant messenger conversation I was having with someone, trying to get me to sign on and get thousands of smiley choices for my IMs. Like I really need that. It is also being advertised on various websites. Don’t download it - it is pernicious adware that is hard to uninstall - in the tradition of Comet Cursor, Bonzi Buddy and other such crap.


Some people do fall for this stuff.

Cheers for the heads up about that

I actually received one of those invitations this morning, didn’t sign up or anything, but forwarded that link to the person from whom the invite had come.