Recipe for Disaster (aka Not Another Paraguayan VD Thread!)

Take one horny, VD-infected Latin hunk with a diplomatic passport, add a bunch of naive women (and sadly for this island, typical) who were hoping to land the good diplomat life (and who obviously have never heard of condoms) and shake it up a bit and what do you get:

The goofy garbage you’ve been reading on the front page of your English newspaper recently.

Was it determined which strain of VD he had? How serious was it? Can this particular “Latin strain” be effectively treated with the antibiotics or other medicines available in Taiwan?

Who knows? One anonymous woman goes on TV, says there are 3 other women just like her in the same predicament, and we’re supposed to take her word for it? He is “alleged” to have genital warts - who told you he had a “Latin” strain of VD? These stupid women don’t even know what a condom is?

The whole thing reeks of political underhandedness - PFP lawmaker Li Yong-ping (

It’s true. Condyloma accuminata is nothing more than genital warts. So these stupid women are too immature to take responsibility for their own sex lives. Why should anyone feel sorry for them?

And then to confront the Paraguayan president with this on his official state visit. Another embarrassing international incident for Taiwan. Honestly, can this country do anything right when it comes to international affairs?

[quote=“Maoman”]Ministry of Foreign Affairs are a bunch of intellectuals too, according to the Taiwan News:

[quote]Taiwan’s foreign ministry argued that the representative would not be protected by diplomatic immunity for his personal behavior.

MOFA spokeswoman Katherine Chang yesterday said that if the person was involved in any crime related to sexual assault, MOFA would hand the case to the police. “Because it’s (a matter) of his own personal behavior, he will not have diplomatic immunity. MOFA will not shelter or tolerate such behavior,” she said.[/quote][/quote]
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Katherine Chang completely missing the point of diplomatic immunity? I’m pretty sure that it is up to the diplomat’s country to decide if he will be protected by diplomatic immunity or not. I don’t think what the Taiwan MOFA thinks enters into it at all, although I guess they could exert pressure.