Recipes for oyster pancakes?

In another thread, I saw mention of a Taiwan dish “oyster pancakes”, it sounds great to me.
But, since I live in this culinary wasteland of Taidong, I don’t think I have ever seen one.

Anyone got a recipe? Or at least the Chinese name?


PS. I really need to get to the big city more!!!

250 g oysters,
20 g garlic, crushed
1 leaf spring onion, chopped fine
2 teaspoon pepper, powdered
1 teaspoon salt,
60 g wheat flour,
12 eggs
200 ml water,
oil for frying,
used set white cloth gloves, roughly chopped.

whisk the flour and eggs together, add the pepper, salt, and garlic, then add water while whisking to mix.

let stand 10 minutes.

fry the oysters and onion in the oil, then separate oysters from oil and keep to one side.

fry the gloves in the remaining oil, then add pancake mix made earlier and fry 25 minutes on each side. till gloves are done.

when the oysters have cooled, wrap oysters in black pancake and serve with wasabi.

chew well.

And enjoy your bum looking like the Japanese flag tomorrow!

Ok, stung yet again by the scorpion.

Cheers Urodacus

well, you could try that with 1 egg and no glove. add the pancake mix to the oysters in the pan after one minute, and flip after another minute.

Thanks Urodacus :cactus: