Reckless posting and an announcement

I have received a lot of guff from folks here in Forumosa for openly admitting I was seeking employment without a work visa. My actions of releasing the names of schools willing to hire illegals were reckless and irresponsible behavior. I realize I may have endangered a number of you who may already be working at these institutions without a work permit or degree. Please know I have since removed the names of these schools and I apologize for my reckless ways.

Further more, i would like to make it known to all that I am going clean. I have turned down (postponed) all job offers until I receive my JFRV. I will be getting married on the 24th of this month. After the 24th I will be legal and able to to work without reservation.

I know we are not really supposed to use Forumosa for our own personal announcements and such, but since so many were so concerned I figured it best to make a announcement to the Forumosa community.

Thank you.

Derek signing out.


Since when?


I will be getting married on the 24th of this month[/quote]

Congrats to you and Mrs Duck. :bravo:

Nice move Derek. Admitting a mistake and fixing it.

Now about the impending marriage…

Yes, good luck to the ducks.

What? You’re getting married … this was a personal announcement, although covered up and now you’re expecting hong bao’s from all of us … congratulations BTW … :laughing:

I will be expecting the hong bao’s at the official wedding in January :wink:

Congrats! :slight_smile:

And we will be expecting to get totally blasted. It’s a rough trade, some you win, but I think this one you will lose.

All the best!



I hope you’ve already got your criminal record check, otherwise you’ll be waiting quite a while for your JFRV. Can you afford to not work for so long?

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