Reclaiming my taxes?

Hi everybody. For 183 days this year I was paying tax at 20%. I know I’m supposed to claim most of that tax back by the end of this year, but I have no idea where to start. Does anybody know how to do this? And what sort of documents might I need? :?


I’m confused by your question. On Dec. 31 will you have been here over 183 days or not? If you haven’t then you can’t get it back, if you have then you’ll need to wait until April or May when you can pick up the 2003 tax forms from your local tax office, you’ll be able to write in how much tax was taken for you and calculate your actual percentage you must pay. Most likely it will be 6% or 13%.

Thanks Jeff, but I’ve found out everything I need to know, and the problem is now solved. Just for the record, I’ve been here for over a year, ie. more than 183 days.


Glad you got it taken care of.