Recommend a bike lock + locking technique in Taipei

Hey all, just got my first nicer bike. I’m planning on keeping it inside with me, but if I’m going somewhere I want to be able to lock it up as well as possible to deter theft. I’ll try and keep this to a minimum as I know someone who really wants the bike will eventually get it, but I want to do what I can.

Can anyone recommend some locks and where to get them? Could you also let me know how you lock up your own bike and if it’s been successful so far for you?

In Taipei bike parking spots, I know it’s often the case that there isn’t anything for you to lock your bike to. I’ve also heard locking your bike to street signs can get it impounded by the police so I’d also like to avoid that if possible.

I never leave it outside or out of direct view (i.e. if in convenience store).

Do you just bring it in to the store then? Is that cool?

Outside = home. Direct view = windows of convenience store. I did bike commute for a few years though the building had a security guard and cameras - used a standard cable lock.

Really, I don’t remember the last time that I went into a store when on my bike so I’m not a huge help here - I don’t even carry a lock on my bike but perhaps guys here have other ideas.

Always lock to a pole or something stable. It will make you feel better, a thick key lock is about 200 nt. The image is a store that sells cheaper locks ,got some for kids bikes 99nt not that thin i feel its safe
I will get a name of the store that sells good 200nt locks tomorrow .
Theft if uncommon here… but i still lock my 16,000nt giant anywhere because i had a bike stolen in usa.

Always lock to back wheel and frame if @ bike parking location taking off the front is excessive in tw imo
Also try to park near a camera , it doesnt help to much is its stolen but some people that steal are looking for them (in usa most are cracked out and dont even look or care)

The more expensive it is, and the more you care about it, the less time you leave it out of immediate reach.

Locks are not necessary for a quick 7-11 stop on a ride, or a fried rice halfway up Lalashan.

But if you leave it out of sight for an hour or more, you have to carry a decent chain and lock. Take off the front wheel, lock the wheel through the rear triangle and back wheel, around something solid. And not a short pole! I’ve seen that often enough. The enterprising thief simply lifts it up and off the pole and places the whole lot and caboodle in the back of his truck and drives away.

And yes, I’m 99% sure that all bike thieves are men.


I have a cable lock that’s big enough to wear around my waist, I ain’t slim so fits frame rear wheel and pole.
Saves problem of fitting to bike adding weight.
I take it with me if I remember :persevere:

If you don’t mind me asking, what will you be doing with the bike?

If it revolves around leisure riding around the riverside and stopping at a 7-11, I wouldn’t worry about a bike lock in Taipei.

If you’re using it as a main means of transportation, I don’t have much experience in that area either here or overseas., so I would highly recommend what @urodacus has to say about bike locks.

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This place has thick ,long ,juicy ,bike locks about 200nt

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Not necessarily commuting. I’ll definitely be riding around Taipei and some riversides, but I plan to take it on longer day-trips around Taipei/New Taipei City as well. Not too much touring outside of that though.

Thank you! I’ll go check it out. I couldn’t quite find anything “juicy” enough on Shopee.

In that case, I wouldn’t worry too much about a bike lock, unless you plan on having the bike out of your sight for a long period of time. Stopping by at convenient stores, coffee shops or small eats along your trip, it wouldn’t be too necessary.

However, I totally understand if you’ve had a bad experience and would want to keep it locked up. Hit up Giant shops that will have a wide assortment of locks. If you want something a bit fancier, you can try Velocity not too far from the Rainbow Bridge/Rao He night market (


Just what I was looking for, thank you!

People have a wide range of experiences with their bikes in Taipei so I can understand not worrying about it too much, it’s more of a peace of mind thing for me at this point.


I understand, having 11 bikes plus 2 of my sons stolen in the UK over a 6 year period I trust no one when comes to expensive bikes.

I’d be more worried about the kidnapped children, to be honest.


Kidnapped children!

Here or Uk?

I’m being a grammar pedant.

Two sons stolen = two children kidnapped.

Op how much is your bike worth?

Just ask nicely if you can put your bike inside the building you’re visiting. I sometimes eat in a restaurant on my longer rides, and you’d be surprised how generous restaurant owners can be. “Yeah, no problem. Just park it in that corner.”


Around 20k NTD.