Recommend a cheap CPA who files taxes for US expats

I found a guy from an advertisement to straighten out a mess and it cost $700, and $400 just for non-messy filing. Does anyone have experience using someone cheaper? Normally, my taxes aren’t that complicated. I just have some freelance income that is taxed within the US that I have to report. is a service that specializes in taxes for expats and do a fine job


Wow, that’s cheap!

The basic package is cheap, but with self-employment and non-resident included it’s almost $300. Not far from what I was paying. Also, the banner at the top says it’s at capacity for 2018 returns, even this late.

$300 is a deal. No wonder they aren’t taking any new clients.

No one pays as much as me for simple tax documents. US$950. I started using an accounting firm 30 years ago and over the years the firm was bought out by larger and larger companies. The result is big firm prices. I should switch companies but am lazy.

Well, they did help me convince the IRS about their miscalculation which saved me US$5000 (they changed me $150 to deal with the IRS on that issue). My phone call of close to an hour could not convince the IRS agent they miscalculated my payments.

Why not do your own taxes? It’s not difficult.

If you already have an attorney, they often offer the service for next to nothing. Mine does it for $100US.

ShaoLeFen, might we ask you to specify currency when you list prices? There’s a huge difference between $700 US and $700 NT.

I know some who renounced their us citizenship because of this hassle, seems many in this thread have lived outside the us for a long time so why don’t you just renounce ?

'Cause we paid into social security


ROC passport isn’t a great travel document, and I want to avoid the possibility of any kind of visa hassles when I have to do end-of-life care for my parents at some point.

Because not filing taxes, income or not, is illegal. And mostly because my freelancing is not paid abroad. It’s done with companies, banks, and payment processors that report what I make to the IRS.

Were it $700 NT I wouldn’t bother asking.

Then I’d be stateless and I don’t think any country is going to give me asylum over a few thousand dollars. I could buy a citizenship like the billionaires, but if I had that money I wouldn’t be looking to save a few hundred.

You still have to file taxes for ten years or something if you want to renounce.

You don’t have to file if your earned income is under $12,000 (or investment income under $1,050).

nah, its not that much and not everyone is subject to the exit tax, basically its only if you a) havent been tax compliant the last 5 years i think or if your net worth is over 2mil. But, if you are just barely over 2mil you can easily just gift some of your assets to relatives etc prior to renouncing.

If you are way past 2mil, it will get trickier.

but its not the tax issue only, you obviously dont want to be covered by fatca either.

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Huh. That’s in the US? I thought you had to file even if you had 0 income. Still, most US citizens abroad earn more than that so, it’s illegal not to file.