Recommend a Good Business English Book?

I need a good business English book for a one on one class. He wants a book to study and to help him improve his writing (and a book that will help me understand what the hell he’s talking about).

What level is he??

I would recommed either the International Express series (OUP) or the In-Company series (Macmillan). A good book for writing is e-mail English (also Macmillan)

Wondering about people’s experiences with using the Macmillan books for Business/Corp classes? Anyone have experience with their “Business Grammar Builder”, “In Company”, “Paragraph Writing” books? I am interested in materials that will help students improve their writing as quickly as possible. Mandated by the company’s GM.


I’m currently using “InCompany” for a semester business English course. I really like that one a lot for a basic business textbook. I think it’s very well organized and thought out. However, it’s not a writing book at all, so it would not do for that purpose. For my next business English class, I think I’m going to switch to “Market Leader” because it has been recommended to me by another teacher, and it offers videos, which I would really like to use with a business class.