Recommend a good Vista compatible FTP program

I have been having trouble finding a good FTP program for Microsoft VISTA operating system.

A couple programs have been downloaded onto friends’ Microsoft XP machines, and appear to work OK, but when used on VISTA they seem to somehow screw up the operating system. (This is what the computer repairman says anyway.) So there are some incompatability issues there …

Hence, I am wondering where I can download a virus free FTP for use with the VISTA operating system. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Richard,
I use Filezilla which is free to download, apparently claims to run on Vista no problem, although use it on Xp myself.

I use FileZilla, too.

Can’t vouch for it on Vista… though.

But I can’t see why Vista is still being a pain… it’s been over a year since the launch or is it just a really awful OS?


I use FlashFXP, which is a great piece of software, but it’s not free, but it’s a life time registration and not very expensive…