Recommend a reading/conversation text for adolescents?

After doing my own syllabus for a group of 30 junior high kiddies for 6 months, I’m sick of the creative effort. I agreed to continue teaching the class only on the condition that they let me use a book of my choosing (and no more frickin’ compositions!)

Can anyone suggest a good one - something which is A) very user-friendly (IE low-prep) B) interesting to the kids and C) available at Caves?

JR’s? School is only getting them ready for the next test. If you think for a minute that those goony Taiwanese “English teachers” working in the public system who speak broken very half-assed pidgin English at the best are interested in your (or my) creative efforts, you got another think coming. Public school English teachers in Taiwanare the scum on the bottom of the barrel liguistically speaking.

You are dealing with a corrupt educational (good ole’ boy/gal) system that is only interested in propogating its own kind. Why rock the boat when we got such a good thing going?

In any society, if you are teaching Jrs, you are dealing with the kids of a rebellious age, and they are in search of their own identity. If you cannot identify with them, Dude, you are lost forever.

Yeah, in this game, you gotta learn how to stack the deck and make sure you never sit under the tree where the pigeons shit. Else?

You will be asking a lot more questions in forums such as this one.

Um, thanks bud, but what they study in their crappy English test-prep classes is irrelevant to me! I’ve been teaching in Taiwan for ten years, and when it comes to adults’ teaching I’m the relative eqivalent of Kazeka Muniz! I just wanted a recommendation for a good book that the kids will find interesting, ‘cause quite frankly I’m not into the local cultural scene AT ALL and have little experience with kids’ teaching.