Recommend Me A Dashcam

Planning to get a car and definitely want a dashcam. There are so many that it is hard to choose between one. I just want something simple and easy to install. Don’t want one where I need to do rewiring of my car’s electrical system.

I got a Mio Mivue 338 from RT mart. Mid-price, compact, plugs into the fag lighter, and you can take out the memory card (buy seperately) and view on a PC. It records in 1minute files. Oh, and you can put the menu into English. It comes with a long power lead, so you can route it all round the windscreen, but I couldn’t be bothered with that, so replaced it with a shorter cable (USB mini) and a double output adapter so I can still charge my phone at the same time. The camera has a small battery in, but only enough to record a few minutes after the crash if the car battery fails.
As you say, there’s lots to choose from, and my choice was mostly decided by which took up least windscreen space. If I remember right, then the video quality varies between models too.