Recommendation for a laser printer

I am thinking of getting a black and white laser because I am sick of inkjets that you had to print every now and then otherwise it will clog, plus the ink is expensive and it prints slowly… I saw the Xerox printer that is kinda cheap, is it any good? Oh and I want real laser printer not LED printer, how can I tell them apart?

I don’t know much about Xerox. Their share prices were doing pretty badly for a while. I’m not sure how they are now; I imagine they’re better.

I like HP. Minolta is wonderful if you want color. Lexmark is cheap. Looking at how well Xerox the company is doing should clue you in to their quality. For a beautiful looking printer with numerous industrial design awards? We might have to wait a bit.

Kyocera generally has the lowest costs per page (for black and white printers), but last time I checked (about 3 years ago) you couldn’t get them in Taiwan. I have a Kyocera printer running at the office since more than 5 years and it never needed a drum replacement. In the long run, they’re much cheaper than HP printers (if you print a lot, of course). However, Kyocera and Brother laser printers produce some ozone, so you might want to avoid them if you’re sensitive to that (on the other hand, ozon producing devices are sold as “air cleaners” in Taiwan, so it might be a feature). :wink:

Only a few companies make LED printers (OKI being one). I don’t see why you’d want to avoid them, though.

I recommend Samsung…I have a SCX-4100 multifunction unit that is able to scan, copy, and print in laser…a little on the slow side for a multi-person office environment, but works well for the home evironment. For some reason, ALL printers are grossly overpriced in Taiwan…I bought mine for around 4000NT in Canada…I have seen them for sale in Taiwan but the price was around 6000~7000NT I believe…the other Samsung laser models are also quite good…my other family members and friends have Samsung laser printers and have only said good things about them…

I can highly recommend Oki. I have a 5300 or so. Great color laser print. It is a one pass printer, and fast as hell. I got it for printing my dissertation and another thesis. 10 copies or so each, with 200 pages for each copy. Not a single paper jam, and a whole copy took 15 minutes. For a 1-pass color laser, it is pretty cheap (same price range as the Minolta), the print out looks much nicer than the Minolta though. They use a glossy finish, really pretty.

It might be difficult to find them in Taiwan, altough I have seen them around. Not sure where, though.

I was thinking of the Samsung ML series printer. I wont be printing brochures and I am sick of the fact that inkjets 1. uses too much ink 2. not waterproof 3. slow as hell so I was thinking of a monochrome laser printer… but the samsung is cheap and I heard the toner included is a half full toner cart, I want to be able to refill the toner cart so that is important too…

I saw samsung real cheap, like 3200 dollars or so, does that mean they are crap?

I wanted real laser so that if the printer breaks down in the future I can take out the laser assembly and play with them…

Why not an LED printer like the Oki. Comes with a ton of LED’s. They make great christmas light decorations, and it is in color.