Recommendation for company that can do my Taiwanese passport paperwork

I am trying to obtain a Taiwanese passport. I was born in Taiwan as a Taiwanese citizen to parents who were Taiwanese citizens. As a child I immigrated to the U.S. and became a naturalized U.S. citizen. I am now an adult and I would like to get a Taiwanese passport so that I can travel to Taiwan during the Covid pandemic. I called the Household Registration Office in Taipei. They took down my name, and birthday and the names of my parents. They said they found me in the database, and I can come in person or send someone to the office to get the documents I need for a Taiwanese passport. I think they said I can get a proof of household registration, and a birth certificate. My Chinese is not perfect, so I don’t know vocabulary words specific to this topic. They said I cannot obtain these papers remotely. In Italy there are company that do nothing except help dual citizens get Italian passports by locating birth certificates and filling out all the forms. So far I have not found any companies in Taiwan that specialize in dual citizenship services. So right now I need two things:

  1. A company that can appear in person in offices in Taipei to obtain documents for me (unless there is a way to get around this requirement).
  2. A company that can help me go through the various steps of this passport process. Hopefully, a company that has done this many times before and understands the process well.
    What are the firms that I can use?
    Thank you very much for any names of firms, or a suggestion about the types of firms that can do this.

Not a recommendation, but FYI,

Thank you very much, tando! This is a significant step forward, now that I know these firms exist. Before your reply, I only found immigration consultants that help you leave Taiwan. I’ll give them a call and report back.

Do you have any suggestions for what search terms I should use? Did you use Google for your search?

Anyone else with suggestions for firms or types of firm, please post! Thank you everyone!

I used google with these words.
無戶籍國民 國際移民 代辦

Tando, thank you so much! You have been very, very helpful. Using your search I was able to find a few more firms. Several that I spoke with asked me to write them, saying their English comprehension is better in writing than over the phone. I left messages for TCBC, but have not heard back from them yet.

Did you have any luck finding a company that speaks English well? I am looking for an agent to help me get my TARC from NIA, as I don’t speak or write Chinese. Thanks.

@SPS I did not find a company that can work primarily through spoken English. I speak Chinese, and I can read Chinese.

NIA in Taipei have lots of English speaking staff.