Recommendation for purchasing a new cable modem which does not over heat too much?


Howdy community!.

I have this riddle which I hope some of you who have better expertise in the field of networking and electronics can help me.

Currently I’m in the process of replacing the cable modem which was given by my ISP. The brand which I got is Askey (model TCG 220). The device overheats and it includes some characteristics which I don’t need it such as Voip and other features which don’t work so well such as its own wifi and lan ports. So far I’ve contacted my ISP and as long I relay them the MAC address they say I’m good to go.

Upon browsing for possible candidates I’ve found this little fellow on Amazon.

It’s a Morotola MB7420. However upon reading the following comment from a user who had already purchased, posted a thermal picture of the device and it seems that it gets up to 111F.

I’m a bit picky with these things since the place which is intended to house this device doesn’t get much ventilation and it can be detrimental to the overall performance (needless to say due space concerns) in my location I don’t have other place to put it so I’m asking openly to the community. Which brand or specific model should I purchase?

The only requirements I have is that is DOCSIS 3.0 compliant or 3.1.

It is very important that it does not include WiFi router or VOIP Telephone adapter.

I did some preliminary search on Amazon (but it doesn’t count as an answer) hence I’m asking for opinions based on experience and probably owned similar or the same devices.

Arris SB6141

Netgear CM700

Motorola MB7420 (although this model has been warned to peak to 111F).

Well these are the only ones which do meet my requirements, but I’m almost certain that there exists other options out there, so I hope to get as much feedback possible so I can take good decision for my purpose.

Please don’t say just adding heatsinks or placing the unit in a well vented space or using usb fans. I am not looking for cheap shortcuts. I know this can work for some people but is not the answer which I’m looking for. Instead I want an answer based in my intention which is to purchase a new device.

By the way my ISP doesn’t rent me the device which I already have, instead charged me the cost at once in the bill and quite honestly doing the pros and cons doesn’t really affect me much if to purchase a replacement since the quality and options given in the device I currently have doesn’t justify my needs.

Alright, I hope to have described my issue with much details as possible. Well guys hope you can help me with this one.

By the way, If possible an answer which can help me the most is one which can include personal experience with owned devices and or word of mouth, comments in online stores or anything you could come up to. Since it is very inconvenient to try and test every model out there it would be much better to know what you guys have and how they perform based in durability, connection stability, overheating and so on. Although I mentioned other traits the most important caveat or interest is in overheating. Probably the most tolerated range I’ll feel comfortable with could be any unit lesser than 85F.

Again, I’m appealing to your knowledge and expertise, thanks in advance and best regards. :slight_smile:


ask your ISP for new replacement or for recommended models


@KHHville Well, the intended question was to actually know from users who own a cablemodem what temperatures do their devices operate. Upon doing an inspection and searching some say Arris range between 80F to 90 something F. But I’d like to get input from personal experience hence the question. Again, in my question I intented to ask for a replacement not given by my ISP but instead something which can be purchased separately and needless to say my ISP will not be very glad to recommend a model since their business is to sell their units but they allow users to purchase their own in a separate marketplace or store as long they give their MAC address and serial number so they can input this in their db. With this in consideration, do you have any recommendation?. Anyways I hope more answers do appear. :slight_smile:


fair enough, my place back in the US uses Motorola Surfboard SBG6580. bought through Best Buy.
So, I would go with Motorola model.


Curiously the model which you’re referring to is listed to Arris not a Motorola. But it appears to be an outsourced model to that manufacturer. Either case, one user has reported that such unit gets indeed overheating you may want to check up here

This dissuades me a bit to select that specific item, and needless to say I’m not interested into purchasing something which has embedded wifi capabilities which I could obtain from a separate router which I currently own and is in good and working condition.