Recommendation quarantine hotel Taipei with good food?

Hi there!

I’m a journalist traveling to Taiwan for work May 9. I need to find a not too expensive (less than 2700 TWD) hotel in Taipei with good food - I think that will probably benefit my sanity.

Any tips from anyone, by any chance?

I wish I had not paid in advance for food at the hotel, but instead that I had used food delivery as the primary source

The overall price will probably be a bit higher, but you get to choose when and what you eat. As it turned out, I had delivery at times anyways, because fresh fruit or fresh coffee were never served, and sometimes the food they gave me was so awful I just tossed it and ordered something else.

My room had a kettle and a fridge, maybe you can get a microwave. This makes ordering online and preparing yourself an option (if you don’t mind doing dishes in the bathroom sink). You can consider this option, and make sure your room has what you need. I considered, for example, getting instant noodles and fresh greens and letting the soup blanch the veggies. In the end I just ordered something already prepared.

I also would tell myself to bring one extra bag with food goodies. Instant noodles, cookies, coffee, etc.; things that would get through customs and help deal with the fact that I was being fed what and when someone else felt like it.

Some caveats:

  • My hotel didn’t seem to have a kitchen, because they got food from outside; maybe a hotel with kitchen will be better but I am not confident on this, because
  • Good food is a relative concept, I am learning there is not much that fits this description for me in Taiwan
  • If you can’t read Chinese, and you don’t have a friend who can help with this, the food apps are limited; if there is a way to use google translate to help with the food apps I could not figure it out

bon appétit!

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That’s good advice, thank you. I will ask if they have a microwave, would be nice to be able to warm up food and snacks from time to time anyway!

I’ve thought about using food delivery, but ultimately think it would be too much of a hassle. Even though I speak Chinese I think I would get overwhelmed by the choices.

There is a quarantine hotel in xinjhuan, close to the Costco, that is 2500 a day.

I would also advise not getting hotel meals. Especially if you have special requirements like allergies or if you are vegetarian. My hotel meals were mostly a ton of rice with a few vegetables sprinkled and one day they even sent me an entire fried chicken even though I said I was vegetarian.

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