Recommendation: Starter Road Bike

Hey Guys ,

Ive recently moved to Taiwan
On my bucket list is the island loop during christmas
Currently in early stages of prep and getting the bike

Do you have any reccomendations on what would be interesting to check out in the same category as the

25K NTD price bandwidth.…/decathlon-triban-520-disc-revi…/

I was looking through tht eFacebook second hand groups, however worried ill end up compromising on the frame size ( im 178mm Tall)

Its going to be the seagway into road bikes from hartails

Any models from Merida or Gian that are as compeititive in this price range ?

any reccomends on Bike shops in Hsinchu ?


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Don’t know their prices, you can google Merida or Giant store near you and visit them.
Big Carrefours also carry road bikes.
If you want to 環島, they maybe consider a cheap model as you could be riding in rain or on different quality roads.
My trips of 環島 were done on a Giant mountain bike.
Front tire was a slick tire for a mountain bike and rear tire was still fat, but not as treaded as normal off-road mountain bikes (so as to be less hummy/noisy).
I think you can find something under NT$10k.

Good luck.
I have great memories of doing it.
Talking with random locals, etc.

There’s a few factors you might consider if you’re doing round the island.

First is, are you buying the bike just for round the island? If so, something to consider is finding a place to rent. I know Specialized shops around the island will rent for 2,000NT a day (for a super bike), but that fee can be used towards a purchase in the store.

With the above aside, Neihu Merida in Taipei is going out of business and you could snag a good deal on a road bike. You may have to settle for a 56cm bike, but depending on your measurements, it could fit.

You could look at Giants TCR SL2 or their Contend. For merida you could look at their mid range Reacto or Scultura , both come in a plethora of specs at different prices.

Good luck!

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At Carrefour, for extreme budget people. Hub&Dyne
bottom, mountain bike with disc brakes, NT$3980
top, cyclo-cross road bike, NT$5880

I gotta assume those bikes are not meant for round the island tours and more for around the park tours.

My God. What a cluster :banana:

not everyone can put out 20k for a bike
i wouldn’t knock 'em

Sharing update :slight_smile:

got the Decath TRIBAN RC520
Great service
And after 75km over the weekend, ( damn these crosswinds)
Its amazing and beyond my personal expectations hands down at this price point

currently in search for a decent
clipless conversion set

If you have the budget, I would consider Shimano MTB pedals/shoes. Unlike road shoes, most mid-range MTB shoes will allow you to walk around without harming the shoe.