Recommendations for a good online grammar guide?

As per title. Long ago Google worked OK if I was searching for specific grammar questions, but these days, not so much. Does anyone know a good website to look at for English grammar explanations and examples?

My favorite source remains Michael Swan’s book Practical English Usage, but that doesn’t always answer the question.

This question promoted by trying to find explanations of when we use “food” versus “foods”, and Google’s first answer is the below, from this source, which to me seems very wrong:

Countable nouns are those, which can be used with numbers and have plural forms. Food is an example of uncountable noun because you cannot say “four foods” . It is a general noun like money, love, etc.

On that specific question, this page seems pretty good, but it took a bit of searching to dig it up. Ideally I’d like a site to start with and bypass Google.


If you’re not familiar, it’s like a forum where people can ask, answer, and discuss questions specifically about the English language.

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Thanks - yes, I’ve looked in there before, but I’ll bookmark it now. I was just browsing it again and it does seem fairly reliable, but I’ve grown increasingly wary of the crowd-sourced sites: sometimes there are so many incorrect answers!

I have this one; it’s useful. There’s a PDF link here

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Thanks - that one is definitely a good “Bible” with lots of grammar explanations, but it doesn’t seem quite as useful on the little usage questions that pop up.

I should make use of that so I restore some consistency to the different grammar terms I use in class. I’ve lost track of which are “real” and which are ones that I just sort of coined years ago.

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