Recommendations for a good pub in Taipei?



If your looking for something that feels even remotely British, you won’t find it. Most of the self proclaimed ‘British pubs’ in Taiwan couldn’t be more Taiwanese if they tried. Go to On Tap or The Three Lions Inn and you’ll know what I mean.


Yeah, I miss JBs off Shi Da Road. Grumpy landlord, pub grub, cricket on the TV.


That was the realest British pub I ever made it to.


Isn’t “James Joyce Irish Bar” trying to fill some kind of gap? I’ve only been there once early.


Both bars 100% English owned. What exactly are you looking for in your pommy pub? Drunken arseholes looking for a good bit of argy bargy come throwing out time?


Many good choices in Taipei. I think the Brass Monkey is a typical sports pub with good food and beer choices.
One of my favs with good food and beer Redpoint Taproom
The Local has many different choices of beer
23 public
maji2 at yuanshan station is a nice venue to walk around with many choices for restaurants. I frequent The Blue Rooster there and then walk around to 23 public and/or Crafted.

Anything new after 10 years?

My favorites are Beer Geek and Zhang Men Brewery.

Beer Geek is foreigner owned and, despite it not looking much like a pub, the atmosphere feels like one.

Zhang Men is a local craft beer bar chain with multiple locations in Taipei, in which they have up to 20 draft beers on tap. I would suggest the one on the rooftop of Breeze Song Gao Department Store.




If I liked Red Point beers, I think I would like that bar, but I just can’t get myself to like their beers for some reason.


I used to drink Belgian style beers and now I hate them. I’m an IPA person now. My current fav is Hazy Platypus which is a new England IPA. They have lighter lagers, too. Everyone has a different taste in beer and it changes over time.


He really was a grumpy old bugger. A bit racist, to boot. I find the staff in On Tap to be reassuringly grumpy. Reminds me of old Blighty.




That’s been my beer journey as well. Now, I find Belgian beers to be cloying & too sweet. How’s the service at Red point? Will they allow to taste samples (the beers on tap) before deciding which one to order? Some bartenders at some bars aren’t too friendly with such requests.


I’m near Zhongshan station.


He sure was grumpy…

Brass Monkey has great British food but as a pub it’s a bit of a disaster IMHO. Best place was the Shannon but I would say that wouldnt I.
Speakeasy is a good spot, good whiskey , friendly proprietor


I call Belgian style pancake syrup. They provide taste samples and the staff is very friendly.


Beer Geek and Speakeasy are the two best “pubs” in Taipei.


Thanks guys! Anything happening tonight?


Comedy at My Yacht Taproom have at least 20 craft beers on tap 930pm.

And of course ladies night here and there.