Recommendations for a good pub in Taipei?

Beer Geek and Speakeasy are the two best “pubs” in Taipei.

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Thanks guys! Anything happening tonight?

Comedy at My Yacht Taproom have at least 20 craft beers on tap 930pm.

And of course ladies night here and there.

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:point_up_2: passed this on Roosevelt near Hsin-sheng 新生南路 corner.
Anyone been inside?

Joyce was into scat sex. I struggled to read his shit before I knew that. Afterwards, no chance.

They need to name their bar after a real man like Wellesley.

June 16 (tomorrow) is Bloomsday, the day that Ulysses is set. Any place called the James Joyce should have something going on. (But I’m skeptical.)

Oh, they’ve got a Facebook page. Nothing listed for tomorrow.

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I have read “Ulysses” . And I drink in “James Joyce” bar on a regular basis. Does that mean I am entitled to a free pint of guinness tomorrow? Me think so! :wink:

Have you really? I’ve tried so many times and just can’t finish it.

I just read the good parts :slight_smile:

Which parts would you recommend?

The parts that actually make sense in English

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It’s actually not bad. You just have to read it really quickly. Most of it is a stream of consciousness. I suggest reading the book with a few pints of Guinness and several Jamesons chasers.


I might have to drag it out again now.

And as for “Finnegans Wake”. Don’t even bother.

Kind of like bad sex.

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I found it tedious tiresome uninteresting, except for the sex. It just interfered with my drinking too much and that’s a big No-No

This is probably old news, but I just discovered that Redpoint Taproom now serves brunch on weekends, open from 10:30am on. Hey, I may finally get there!

Menu here.


I picked up Infinite Jest last night and read 50 pages and really got into it. WTH is going on???

It needs more words.

Check the footnotes.

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