Recommendations for a non-espresso grinder

I think those nubs will be fine if you wash it once a month, so long as you aren’t using too oily of beans. I haven’t touched my espresso grinder that I bought last year–but those are steel burrs.

Just don’t put anything nasty in it and you’ll be fine.

I bought a Baratza Vario and have really enjoyed it. I contacted the Baratza guys in the States and they sent one from the Taichung factory. Great people to deal with.

How much was the Vario buying it that way?

Yes, I would be interested to know how much you paid for the Vario, too.

Just to add that I am very pleased with my Porlex. Tighten it all the way, then back off six clicks. That is the setting I favor for pour over. I have been using the same setting for the Moka pot very successfully. Finally, I am able to make a consistently good cup Can’t tell you how satisfying that feels. No more bitter fines or under extracted large chunks. Just a consistently good, strong but not bitter, well rounded cup (not sure if that terminology is correct). Haven’t progressed to discerning those berry/nutty notes that Slowrain was talking about. All in good time. When my current stash is finished I am going to splash out and buy a more expensive bean!