Recommendations for Malaysian or Singaporean Food


Would it be asking to much to locate such a thing in Taipei? I was very pleasantly surprised to find a small Sri Lankan stand in Bitan the other day – maybe I’ll get lucky once again. Really missing these flavours sometimes…

Indonesian Food

Weird. I thought there were already a few threads on that, but I can’t find them.

White Coffee, in Tianmu: 台北市中山北路六段740號1樓 / 1F, No. 740, Sec. 6, Zhongshan North Road. I’ve been there a couple of times and like it.

Oh, here’s the thread I’m thinking of - it’s “over there”:

Many food courts have Singapore-ish places in them. They mainly focus on Hainan chicken rice.


I like it too. Good laksa and coffee.


A small Sri Lankan stand in Bitan? Surely you don’t mean the small Sri Lankan stand in Bitan? That’s none other than Athula’s Curry House! The legendary Athula is a friend of many of us on Forumosa.

There’s a Singaporean restaurant on the north side of Civic Boulevard between Fuxing and Dunhua, east of Breeze Center. Don’t know the name or address off hand, and I’ve never tried it before.


Yes, the gentleman, Athula, did mention to me he’s been in Taipei for 12 years, in Bitan the entire time, I believe. He’s adjusted things to local tastes, as one expects, but it’s always easy to request no mayo, etc…

Thanks for the recommendations!


Laksa??? Perfect, should try it out


Tried Malaka Kopitiam near corner of Xinyi and Anhe

Not recommended. It’s just a typical Taiwanese restaurant that tries to a name itself something else.

No laksa or soups, no nasi lemak, Hainan chicken rice but chicken and rice must be ordered separately which isn’t really Hainan chicken rice if you only combine those two without the other ingredients. No single dishes, everything must be ordered Chinese sharing style.

Nothing to distinguish it as Malaysian food although I did catch one hint of lemongrass in my stir fried beef dish which in reality is stir fried vegetables with a couple pieces of beef tossed in. I also found a few Malay dried fish in the vegetable dish. Other than Randang Beef, nothing else on the menu even appeared more than the typical stir fried Chinese food even though the names try to be Malay like Nonya or Penang style.

Nowhere to be found was any type of spice in either the dishes or even the chili sauce which had absolutely no spice to it.


The best I can find in Taipei is PappaRich which is a chain and not spectacular but it’s the closest I’ve found to Malay food.


Saw a sign at the Taipei train station that 328 Katong Laksa will be opening at Breeze in November. Hope it will be authentic. Otherwise there’s always the laksa at Costco.


There’s a place by the movie theatre near 101, toast something or other. Looks random but thought I might give it a try. Have to head back to White Coffee for the laksa.


Toast Box, it’s a popular Singapore chain. Not sure what they have besides kaya toast and Singapore-style coffee. It would be great if they had mee siam!


Terrible place. Food took ages to come and at different times. I had finished before my partner received her meal. Food was average


This place in Xinyi is amazing


I recommend this place near Technology Building:池先生-Kopitiam-274016432761128/


Looks good.


Tried it a year ago and thought just ok but maybe time to go back for another test.


The boss is a middle aged Malaysian Chinese woman, which is a good sign. I enjoyed it anyway


Two more Malaysian places I haven’t tried yet.

No. 72, Lane 187, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

No. 2, Alley 20, Lane 256, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105


There is a new Singapore style Laksa place called Katong Laksa on second floor Taipei Main Train station near Starbucks. Don’t know if they are connected to a Singapore restaurant.


Not impressed with Mamak. Looks OK from outside but food was average