Recommended driving school in Kaohsiung

Evening everybody,

I just got my scooter driverslicense (yay for rediculously easy questions) and now I’m looking to get my car license here in Taiwan.
It seems that in my homecountry (Netherlands) they let you swap your Taiwanese driverslicense for a Dutch one.
Obviously the guys that came up with that regulation never set foot in Taiwan, or probably died getting cut off by a bottle collecting woman on a scooter. It’s ridiculous, but I’ll gladly save 90% of the money it takes to get it in Holland by doing it here in Taiwan…
My question:
Is there any drivingschool in Kaohsiung that people have experience with getting their licenses? Preferably in English; although my chinese is probably good enough to know when to stop for a traffic light etc.
I searched and found some recommendations for schools in Taipei, but I hope anyone can give me some feedback for us southerners.
Much appreciated!