Recommended Vaccinations

I’m leaving North America in a month and moving to Taichung. I have had a range of the typical vaccinations from when I was a child but I was wondering if someone could recommend some important ones that most North Americans don’t get? I called some clinics here in Canada but the prices are pretty steep including charges for multiple visits and 60-100 per individual shot and I would like to have a good idea what’s important before shelling out a bunch of my savings.

I live in the states and I went here:

I got everything on this list except Yellow fever based on the recommendation I got from the RN who performed the innoculations: … taiwan.php

Make what choice you like, but personally it was worth a few hundred bucks to me to avoid dying in Asia of some horrible disease (or even to have the lingering worry about such a possibility). :ponder:

Thanks for the helpful links! I probably will see a specialist but this at least gives me an idea of what I need. I think I have pretty much everything covered except Japanese Encephalitis (I’m learning about so many wonderful new things) but it’s probably important. Is it hard to get that specific vaccine while on the ground there? I don’t expect to be anywhere rural at least for a while.

I’d be rather surprised if it weren’t in available in Taiwan based on my understanding of the medical care there, but I don’t know since I’m not there; it’s two injections 28 days apart.