Recommended Websites

I’m getting tired of my routine trawls and am interested in seeing what others who browse this site class as must reads.

My favourite homepage with links to many a preferred site is:

Found a new one that allows me to reminisce on my youthful surfing adventures which has frequently updated live cams of Oz and Bali surfing spots.



Ditto on

also (Thorntree) for all your movie needs!


While we’re talking about movies, how about this?

(To be honest, I only posted to check out if I finally grasped how to do the url-hiding-thing :wink: )


GOOGLE even if you never buy a book you can spend ages surfing around there. to keep in touch with what is happening in the land of Oz. if you are a cricket fan.

The Morning News
Coudal Partners
Quick time trailers
Boing Boing
Boxes and Arrows
Art and Culture
Born magazine

Same as Wix, plus

A List Apart (for people who make websites)
CSS Edge
Government Information Office (an enormous site; check, for example, the publications section)
JStor (scholarly journal archive)
New York Times
The Onion
Rotten Tomatoes


Access to JStor is limited as far as I can tell to academics at registered institutions and individuals approved by publishers. Is there any other way in that you know of for non-academics?

I’m a huge fan of watching the typhoons rolling towards Taiwan. I think that the Central Weather Bureau (despite the flack that they got this year for Sinlaku) do a great job at predicting the 'phoons and the weather in general in our region. Their site is great; full of useful info and has superb satallite images which can also be looped.

Sorry, I forgot about that part. (I can get in, because my ADSL account is through an approved institution.) I don’t know of another way in. :frowning:

I suppose someone who really wanted to check its archives could go to one of the places that has an agreement with JStor and browse from, say, a library computer.

Damn…I’d forgotten how good JStor is.


This is my fave site for tracking typhoons: this is also not bad for tracking 'phoons but i still rate the CWB as best.

Er… bon voyage.

(which debunks my Petagon car bomb theory…! :blush: )