Record Stores in Taipei That Will Have an Album on the Same Day as the US Release

Hey all,

In case you haven’t heard, there will be a new Daft Punk album, the first one in over 8 years. The release date will be somewhere around May 21st. Just wanted to know if Taiwan typically gets records released on the same day at the US or the rest of the world.

I haven’t looked forward to a new album release like this in ages. I want to buy the physical CD and will probably be the first time I’ve purchased a CD in years as well.

If anyone could let me know what the deal typically is with this and some good record stores that would likely carry it, please post here. If you are a Daft Punk fan or just want to know more, here is an article about it. … lease-date

So far there haven’t been any singles or anything else released. Just a tentative date.

It will most likely leak in advance, there is an enormous bounty for it on some sites, so in terms of hearing it first I’m sure that problem can be resolved by the wonders of the internet. You’re going to buy it anyway so what’s the rush?

That defeats the whole purpose. This is not something that I want to casually download off the internet. This is about that old feeling of waiting for something and buying it at the store the day it comes out.

Just how old ARE you, Grand Master Flash?

Between 25-29. Still, this is the type of record that I want to do this for. Haven’t done it in years. This one deserves every bit of appreciation possible.

Any record stores in Taiwan even carry Daft Punk releases? Doubtful: Taiwanese music ‘taste’, if I can call it that, seems to be dominated by K-pop, J-pop, and mindless pap.

You DO want this on vinyl, I take it.

Pink vinyl, with an interview insert.

good luck!

I hope ya find yer record! (PeeWee voice) :frowning:

You can dance to this one while you wait. :discodance:

I don’t have anything to play the vinyl on, but if I were back home, that’s what I would go for. The CD will be fine enough.

I’m guessing from the flippant answers that being able to find this will be a challenge. Are there any stores that sell new release music? I haven’t seen any, but I still see video stores around, which is another throw back to the 90’s.

There’s the store in 師大 (ShiDa) which has been quite professionally sucking Pitchfork’s dick for the past couple years I’m sure they will have it, probably on its Taiwan release day too. But you do realize official release dates vary by country as well right? So them having it the first day of its official release doesn’t necessarily coincide with the US date. Also I’m sure 誠品 (Eslite) will have it as well fairly quickly.

If you have waffles or what I’m sure you know where your options lie however.


Yes, I know. That’s why I’m asking. According to the Wikipedia article about the record, it will be released in Japan on May 20th, one day ahead of the projected US release. There are no other Asian countries listed. Would Taiwan get the same release date as Japan?

Thanks for the suggestions. That makes sense about Eslite and I will check out that record shop in Shida, as I live there. Where exactly is it located?

The store is called, 小白兔唱片.

Here’s a link to the google search result w/map. Its inside one of the alleys leading from the park to the parallel street that Macho Tacos is on. I believe the 3rd one behind ShiDa if where Zabu used to exist is #1. … a=N&tab=lw

It may never be released in Taiwan, seeing as imports from Japan will completely satisfy the market.

If it gets imported from Japan that’s fine for me. As long as I can get my hands on the damn record.

Alright, the big day is coming. US release on May 21st, Japanese release May 22nd. Out in Australia today.

My question is, which import is the most likely to hit Taiwan? American, Australian, or Japanese?

[quote=“gavmasterflash”]Are there any stores that sell new release music? quote]

YES - there are two MUSIC stores near Taipei main station where you could get lucky (1 behind Mitsokoshi - the other same road direction Bo-Ai road)
y filipino friend visiting Taipei recently found Limited Edition releases - not availbale in the Phili’s. He was like a kid in a candy-store
My stepdaughter introduced me these 2 stores many years ago , saying “if you can’t find it there - you can’t find it anywhere” (Import for sure - bootlegs euh… not anymore )

As a second option, you can most likely pre-order the CD @ the Eslite Music Store in Xin-Yi area. They have all CD’s you can imagine

And yes, they have DaftPunk CD’s here. Especially after the current hype 3D sessions they run in Asia.

My shop is in Taichung, but I’m able to ship to Taipei. If there’s a DVD or CD (or book) you’d like to order, send me a message and I’ll check availability and prices. American imports. Orders arrive quickly.

I’m placing an order this Friday and I expect the packages to arrive in Taichung by Tuesday 6/4.

^^^^^^^^^^Thanks for that. But I was able to find the album at the Eslite store in Taipei.