Recording of American and Canadian accents

" Recording of American and Canadian accent in English"

In this case, what we need is 1,000 people who speaks American or Canadian accents. the details are:

  1. Age from 20-55. male and female are both needed.

  2. No particular acting skills or proficiency while recording.

    Just read and say the commands clearly and naturally.

  3. Record it by recording apps (iOS or android) or higher quality devices.

    The format: 16bit, 48kHz,PCM code, wav.(apps are acceptable)

    Deliver through Google cloud.

  4. 1 person will be given 1 script, which contains 200 commands (about 12 mins).

    Kindly find the attachment as a sample for 1 set of 200 commands.

  5. The payment of per person is 8 USD for 1 set of script.

Join us with your friends and family for this quick money!

Contact me for further information:


sample script:

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