Recovering physical objects via court proceedings

Not so easy to do.

So this means I’m free to take any of my friends items on permanent loan! I stole his car, yet there’s virtually nothing he can do about it. Even if he gets the civil process through step two, I’ll just keep the car and pay him for it sometime in the murky not-so-near future.

Yes, although remember that most Taiwanese do not even bother with a legal remedy. In my neighborhood, blue collar San Chung you would remedy such problems by:
1.having a senior member of your family contact a senior member of his
2. if that does not work move up to having the “village chief” look into it
3. if the village chief can not resolve it then he will contact one of our local “Benevolent societies” (and no, I do not mean the Lions Club or Rotary–the other kind of Chinese Benevolent Society) to “look into it”

  1. If none of that works or if the village chief or the neighborhood relations guy for the local Benevolent Society is not inclined to accept the case then the typical Taiwanese will hire a freelance “Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator” to handle the matter.

In case you wonder what the latter are; they are the delinquents who stand around in front of the bowling alley right next to my building with the eyes as big a saucers (because they been speeding all night). Although they normally have no formal training in the law, many Taiwanese view them as excellent ways to resolve interpersonal disputes.

In my neighborhood nobody ever messes around with the police or court system with their personal disputes. We are a traditional neighborhood which believes in traditional cultural approaches.

yours in ADR (alternative dispute resolution)
Mediator Brian