Recovery Certificate vs. PCRs

My whole family is just getting over covid, and we’re leaving for the US on 6/16.

I’m told we can get Recovery Certificates instead of PCR’s 24 hrs before departure, and naturally I’m skeptical.

  1. We were never tested at any clinic/hospital (both were strangely impossible to go to even when my kid had a temp of 103F).

  2. During the telemedicine which was a miraculous leap into the 21st century they required us to destroy my son’s positive test on camera, which I’m sure there’s some logic behind, starting with “In Taiwan…”

  3. Even if it was possible, we’re flying UAL, they charge extra for wings and a pilot–their website says a recovery certificate is okay, as does the CDC, but if they’re wrong, guess who pays…

Anyone have experience? I prefer that, though I can’t stop the opinions and musings that are sure to follow.

I would call United at Taoyuan and ask them specifically at the check-in desk.
Why I say this is the experience with EVA check-in counter at Seattle, asking them exactly which test will and will not be accepted to fly to Taiwan.
It is the airline that must follow the rules of the country you are flying into.
Once you land in the U.S., just like landing in Taiwan, the people on ground will not ask for that test/certificate from the city of origination.
If me, I’d call Taoyuan. It’s their job to know.

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