I’m interested in moving to a recumbent bicycle. There are stores here in the US within (longish) driving distance, but since I have money in Taiwan, I was wondering if it would make sense to get one there, where some are manufactured, and possibly bring it back to the US instead. (Not sure I’d ride a recumbent in Taiwan given the traffic other than on bike paths though.)

Given their long history, and the fact that they have not really taken off as a popular bicycle format, I would reconsider.

I rode a penny farthing bicycle around in a circle once when I was about 10 years old, and I wouldn’t recommend one of those either.

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I think they’re fun one of my best school memories is where we made a recumbent bike and took it to compete in a 3 day event

Good remark.
I also don’t see this kind of bike facing the traffic in Taiwan

Well, I might be able to help you out.

I still have a “<100km” new and well spec-ed Challenge Recumbent (made in The Netherlands), left over sample from the business we did in China for them.

Bike was imported from Holland directly to Taiwan, safely stored ever since.
I would love to see that one go to an enthusiastic new owner.

If interested, I can let you know the details by PM, I am of course willing to ship.


this guy known as ‘the Ja Joe Nation’ rode around taiwan on his laying down bike i think. maybe his videos would reveal if its possible to ride one of these in taipei. i’m not sure because i can’t watch his waffling videos for more than a few minutes.

You can see how it goes on traffic by 13~14 min in the video…

personally i wouldn’t trust the drivers here to have the ability to notice something so low and not get run over by a bus / truck / taxi

If you take the correct routes and stay to the riverside, it should be ok. I had a neighbor who had one and saw him regularly take the 1.2km back street way to the riverside and seemed to be unscathed.

If I recall, most of them are made overseas, or made here and directly shipped overseas. So, you may need to import one if you want brand new.

Good luck! Ride safe!

And don’t stop in the middle of the road!